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The films below celebrate personal choices in living a good life. Featuring people from all walks of life from right across NSW, each film was a truly collaborative effort between film maker and storyteller. We hope you enjoy watching these films as much as we do.
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Kellie – a social butterfly

“Everybody knows Kell… she’s a bit of a celebrity in Wagga.”

Angus – working towards goals

"I like to go to TAFE because I want to practice reading and writing and get more skills."

Jessica – enjoying her work

"People with disabilities shouldn’t be called ‘special needs’. We’ve got needs. What makes it so special?"

Steve – a vision for the future

"Becoming blind’s not too bad. It’s helping me in my life and it’s given me vision."

Barbara – one step at a time

"I think it's important to be open minded about people and people's vulnerability, certainly with mental health."

George – standing up for rights

"My ability to stand up for my own rights and to assist people to stand up for their rights is very important for me."

Marianne – finding strength in her art

"The heart is full when the wonder of wealth you have is kindness."

Omar – living for every second, every day

"We only get one show. So live your life now, while the lights are still on."

Andrew – making brave decisions

"When we’ve had to be brave, Andrew is the one who is brave first."

Dane – born to run

"I have a good life because I get out in the community."

Judith – different, positive, creative

"I love being different, I’m not the same as anybody else."

Robert – ideas, ambitions, love and humour

"I was born with cerebral palsy, but that is not who I am. I’m a man with ideas, ambitions, love and humour."

Graeme and Ralph – friends for life

Graeme and Ralph have been friends for several decades and live in the same group home.

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