My Work Matters

These videos demonstrate the strengths and contributions that people with disability can, with the right support, bring to their workplace.

The film directly below is a compilation of all nine videos. Each shorter individual video is presented below that so you you can watch and share them separately.

We hope you enjoy watching these films as much as we do.

My Work Matters compilation


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Carmel – flexibility and initiative

"I am good at my job because I have a good memory and I’m flexible.”

Ben – tradition and confidence

"I wanted to continue in the family tradition of working in the book trade."

Angus – enthusiasm and diligence

"I like anything about my job. I like the whole lot."

Shailaja – meaning and motivation

"It’s not just working, it’s doing something meaningful."

Jess – relationships and commitment

"I like working with my work colleagues. They’re like family to me."

Alex – creativity and freedom

"It’s only through paid work that I can move into my own place and be my own person more."

Sam – independence and service

"I’m good at my job because I’m helpful and friendly with customers."

Alanna – collaboration and contribution

"Working … makes you feel like you’re part of something and you’re contributing to something."

Adam – enterprise and satisfaction

"I feel happy."


About these films

These films were produced by Mainstream and Me, a project of Council for Intellectual Disability and Inclusion Australia.

Thank you to Carmel, Ben, Angus, Shailaja, Jess, Alex, Sam, Alanna and Adam for sharing their stories. And thank you to filmmakers Grace Vaughan and Jason King.

These films were funded by the NDIS through the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) National Readiness Grants.

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