Inclusion High 5

How can our communities be more inclusive for people with disability?

Our Mainstream and Me workers – all talented young people with disability – have made animated videos with their top five tips. Each star created their video with help from filmmaker Mark Giblin.

It's important that our communities value and include people with disabilty. Use the social sharing buttons below to spread the word!


Inclusion High 5 - compilation


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Videos for each inclusion High 5

1. Open and respectful to all

"People often stare at me. I have built a bit of a wall so I don’t always notice it. Don’t stare at me. Talk to me instead. Find out who I am." - Jack

2. Easy to read signage and information

"I make Easy Read materials so everyone can understand for things like forms, job contracts, service agreements, and going to the doctor." - Alanna

3. Disability awareness

"There were staff at school who understood me. These teachers took the time to explain where I was going wrong, and instil a sense of pride in my work." - Alex

4. Supportive and friendly attitude

"Friends make me feel safe.. High school was very hard for me because I was bullied a lot. Don't judge. Like me for who I am." - Ben

5. Physical design and environment

"[On a train] my view is bottoms and bags. Just be mindful that we co-exist in shared spaces." - Ace

About these films

These films were produced by Mainstream and Me, a project of Council for Intellectual Disability and Inclusion Australia.

Thank you to Shailaja, Jack, Alanna, Alex, Ben and Ace for sharing their experiences. And thank you to filmmaker Mark Giblin.

These films were funded by the NDIS through the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) National Readiness Grants.

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