“Enough is enough! It is our time to be heard. It is our time for justice - now!” – Michael Sullivan, NSW CID Chairperson.

CID Director of Advocacy Aine Healy and Board Chairperson Michael Sullivan today met with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to discuss the need for a Royal Commission into abuse of people with disability.

UPDATE: Thanks to all the hard work of advocates like Michael, the Royal Commission was announced on 4 April 2019. We will be participating in and following the Royal Commission, so stay tuned for updates by following us on facebook or signing up to our email updates.

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Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten sat down today with a group of parents and disability advocates to hear their stories and discuss the need for a Royal Commission into abuse of people with disability.

Parents shared heartbreaking stories of abuse with the Labor leader. One parent, Anne said that the Royal Commission needs to start so we can protect the most vulnerable. “I want no other child or parent to suffer what we have,” she said.

“My son deserves dignity, he was assaulted when in care…this is a nightmare,” another mother Maria revealed.

Peter described the abuse his son experience in care when he was held down under a blanket, suffered a brain injury as a result and is now paralysed.

In response to Shorten's support for a Royal Commission, NSW CID Chairperson Michael Sullivan said "Thanks to you Bill we won’t be bullied any more. In the past incidences of abuse and neglect have been swept under the carpet.”

Also present was the shadow minister for Families and Social Services Jenny Macklin. She said that without advocacy abuse does not come to light.

“We understand just how important it is for you to be heard, for you to be actually able to speak in the way that you have today and to be believed,” said Jenny Macklin.

“There are thousands of people yet to speak out - a Royal Commission will give a safe and powerful place for this to happen," she said.

Speaking after the meeting today, Mr Shorten said “The parents of people with disabilities have only one ask from the rest of Australian society - please protect our children and our adult children from the threat or reality of violence.” He said "we need to hear the stories, vindicate the people involved and make sure that going forward abuse is prevented.”


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